Top 10 Tips to Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

You could always check with the American Bar Association, but asking a friend of their recommendations is always a plus. However, if you do ask a friend make sure you get specific details on why they are recommending a certain lawyer.

1) What was the type of claim (will this lawyer work for your need)?
2) What was the outcome (was it out of court or not, was the settlement satisfactory)?
3) What is the lawyer’s percentage and arrangement for costs (do they come out of settlement or paid upfront)?
4) Was there a workable relationship between lawyer and client (listening, working for your need, returning calls, communication, etc.)?
5) Are you related or friends with this recommended lawyer? Continue reading Top 10 Tips to Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

How Do I Make Sure a Doctor is NOT a QUACK?

So if you are not quite certain which doctor to go to, make sure you check them out before you trust your wellbeing to just anybody. There is a LOT OF QUACKS out there unfortunately.

ASK A FRIEND or someone who has gone to the doctor you are looking into seeing if they had a good experience with their treatment.

CHECK out their HISTORY on Better Business Bureau or do a quick web search. Make sure you check if your doctor is legit having a current license to practice and board certification. Where to find this info depends on what state you are in, but you could probably find this info on your state’s department of health website. It is public record if a doctor has any pending lawsuits against their practices.

However, it is quit unfortunately that even after you have done all of these preventative measures you still may find yourself in a non-working doctor-patient relationship. My advise to you is the quicker you get out, the better.

To Sue or Not To Sue?

If you are the person who is struggling with whether of not to sue an insurance company there are a few things you can consider.

First, you have to get over any negative feelings you might have towards lawsuits. Unfortunately, the way the system is set up, at times there are no other options, but to bring suit in order to be compensated at all.

If the insurance company is not willing to work with you and are not even willing to cover your medical expenses, they leave you with no choice. You should consider suing if you feel like you have tried all attempts to get the insurance company to work with you and they are not.

If you feel you have just cause with proof you are the victim you should considering suing. If you are suing because you are greedy, you should be ashamed and this will more than likely bit you in the butt. You should never sue because of greed. The system is thankfully set up to weed out this type of scam artist.

Is Lexapro a Drug of Choice for Whiplash Injuries?

Shortly after the auto accident and meanwhile being treated for whiplash, loss of curve in neck, bulging disk in back, lower back problems, headaches, you name it, I began to notice numbness and was referred for treatment with a neurologist. This doctor recommended I take Lexapro; a antidepressant none the less. Continue reading Is Lexapro a Drug of Choice for Whiplash Injuries?