Top Reasons Why Lawyers Don’t Like Smart People

If you are a person that likes to plan, ask questions, is somewhat smart, then more than likely you are not going to be liked by lawyers. People who have original thoughts of their own may out think their lawyer and this will make them look bad. Lawyers who have idiot clients can say anything to them and they will be believed whereas if a lawyer has a smart client they can see right through the incompetence. This means that your lawyer will actually have to do some work instead of hoodoo you with some legal lingo. They will have to answer questions that they might not know which will involve doing actual research.

TIP: Be aware if a lawyer says, “I’m not sure if you now this ….but …” and tries to bring you to school. They are demening your intelligence which is a common tactic of an incompetent person who will attempt to fool you with legal mumbo jumbo lingo.