What You Should Know About Loss of Consortium and Intimacy Claims

Well, did you know that if you are suing for a personal injury loss then your spouse can also file a claim due to their loss because of your loss. This is what a Loss of Consortium and Services Claim is and is that the opposing counsel doesn’t want you to know about. So let’s say your husband is in a wreck and he is not able to mow the yard or repair the car for you, then you are able to say that I have a loss of life because you now have to mow the yard and repair the car on your own.

You can even make a claim for the intimate loss in your relationship as well if you are willing to go into details which can be very uncomfortable when you are deposed or on the witness stand. If you make this claim be aware that all details will be open for exploration and you have to make a decision if you are able to go under such pressure on the witness stand.