If I Start Feeling Better Should I Discontinue Medical Treatment?

FORWARD: You should always follow your doctor’s orders and the following advice is just that, advice, and not to be considered over any doctor recommendation.

Let me put it in short words, NO!

If you abruptly discontinue medical treatment because you think you are better, you could be wrong. The thing with soft-tissue injuries or whiplash is that they are very misleading. You feel okay one day and then all of the sudden your symptoms can come back. And they can come back worst than before with symptoms of migraines and/or circulation problems that you would never imagine.

Now, of course you can re-seek treatment; however if you want your insurance to pay, your chances have gone down because they will argue that your injuries related to the auto accident are healed and what you are seeking treatment for now is different and not related to the wreck.

It is my opinion that the best thing to do is gradually discontinue treatment so you can make sure you are restore. Yet, Uunfortunately after any type of injury this restoration will not be complete.

One thought on “If I Start Feeling Better Should I Discontinue Medical Treatment?”

  1. they were), owes you the cost to repair your velihce, rental for while your velihce is being repaired and to pay any related and reasonable medical expenses as a result of the accident. So far they sound like they intend to pay your repairs and you are just waiting for the shop to be able to start. They do not owe for a rental if its not repaired if your velihce is drivable. If you think it is unsafe to drive you may want to talk to their adjuster and tell him that. Your insurance, if you have collision coverage, could pay for your repairs and get things moving quicker and handle everything for you however you would then pay your deductible and wait for the other insurance company to pay them back so you could get your deductible back. Going through their insurance should make you not have any out of pocket expenses. If you do not have your insurance handle the repairs then they cannot help you. If it were me I would do what your doing.Also, it is typical for insurance to review anything you submit for payment before paying it. No one wants to pay for something without knowing what its for. If you are honest and only get treatment you need for injuries for the accident only then they should pay for it. If you are considering a chiropractor you may want to keep any sort of documentation you can to support you need one, like having your family doctor write a referal saying you need the specialist or something and keep all the chiropractors records that you can showing your improvement and all that. If they refuse to pay and you know its all related, or if they try to short pay you when they shouldn’t then I would consider an attorney. They should also offer you some pain and suffering on top of paying your medical bills. Pain and suffering is kind of a judgement call on how much your pain is and how much its worth.

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