4 Characteristics of Winnable Personal Injury Case?

In trying to figure out if you have a winnable personal injury case ask the following questions:

1. Where you in an accident that is undeniably not your fault?
2. Where you hurt as a result of an accident?
3. Do you have proof that you were hurt after the accident?
4. Where you perfectly healthy before the said accident?

If you answered “yes” to all four questions, then you have a winnable case. Consider your case as one which not only will obtain you an out-of-court settlement, but will also be one that can be won in court either by a judge or a jury of your peers. It all comes down to how much your case is worth including how much pain and suffering have you experienced, any loss of wages, and incurred medical bills. However, be advised that you are only allowed to claim the above if they have been submitted to the court prior to your day in court.

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