What is An Eggshell Defense?

The concept of the eggshell defense is where the victim has a preexisting medical condition which is aggravated by minor trauma, which would not otherwise injure a heathy individual, but the causation is still present.

If you have no history of previous trauma in anyway – you are the victor.  There is no need to hide or be scared of the insurance company and they know that.  If you were perfectly healthy before a said accident then you deserve justice because this trauma is something you will have to live with for the rest of your life.  You loss of life is greater the younger you are.  Do not let a big name agency attempt to scare you with tactics – stand you ground and the honest person will prevail.

HOWEVER, if you are NOT honest and are trying to hide a preexisting medical condition the insurance companies lawyers will find this in the discovery part of the trial proceedings.

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