Do I Need to Call an Ambulance After a Car Wreck?

If you do not have immediate proof that you were injured, which is documented in a police report and the fact that an ambulance was called to your accident, this can be damaging to your case as the opposing counsel may attempt to show that your injuries occurred after and not as a direct result of the wreck. Sounds unreal? Well, this is what happened to me!

Since you are in shock after any type of accident, you are not of sound mind to think for yourself. You may feel you are okay, but this might as well not be the case. At least, until a certified medical person examines you. A good rule of thumb would be to have an ambulance on site so they can take you to the closest ER. This way, the facts of your injuries cannot be disputed later.

And don’t be too prideful to say you were hurt. You may be embarrassed or thinking of the financial setback you will take if you go to hospital by ambulance, but these should not be considered when your physical wellbeing is at stake.

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