Antidepressant Drugs Used For Pain Management After a Car Wreck

In my personal experience, after my auto accident, the neurologist I began seeing quickly wanted to prescribe me medication. He told me they were for pain management ONLY and would NOT assist in healing my injury. What he did not tell me was that what he prescribed me was an antidepressant drug. I was prescribed Lexapro and I believe Norpramin. Yes, I do understand that these antidepressant drugs tend to work best for pain associated with nerve damage, but he lead me to believe they were something they were not. This was scary for me. Antidepressants play a dual role and they can be very tricky to use.

I now a friend who was prescribe Elavil for the exact same symptoms and she began to experience serious side-effects including major weight gain. Now, your doctor will tell you that one drug might not be right for you and you will have to find this via trial and error and then you will have to determine the dose works best for your body with an experiment of taking more and then less of a drug.

I don’t know about you, but this seems very dangerous to me. If your own doctor does not know who, if, when, a drug will work and you have to be a Guinea pig to the drug, I am a bit skeptical of taking something that will NOT even help your pain, but ONLY manage it – per Dr. orders.