How Do I Make Sure a Doctor is NOT a QUACK?

So if you are not quite certain which doctor to go to, make sure you check them out before you trust your wellbeing to just anybody. There is a LOT OF QUACKS out there unfortunately.

ASK A FRIEND or someone who has gone to the doctor you are looking into seeing if they had a good experience with their treatment.

CHECK out their HISTORY on Better Business Bureau or do a quick web search. Make sure you check if your doctor is legit having a current license to practice and board certification. Where to find this info depends on what state you are in, but you could probably find this info on your state’s department of health website. It is public record if a doctor has any pending lawsuits against their practices.

However, it is quit unfortunately that even after you have done all of these preventative measures you still may find yourself in a non-working doctor-patient relationship. My advise to you is the quicker you get out, the better.